Magnifique! Migrate Sound’s Hidden Passageway Into the Realm of Voice Over

Looking to get started in voice over acting? It’s a scary-competitive field, and it’s impossible to get into without having a high-quality demo to market yourself with. (No, the one you recorded under a blanket in your closet isn’t high quality – sorry.) But demos cost so much to make! Who has the money for a $4,000 or $5,000 demo when they’re just getting started and haven’t landed any gigs yet? It’s a Catch-22.

Well, what if there were a midway point between DIY and loading up a credit card for a top-notch demo? Surprisingly, there is! Ever heard of a speed demo? Probably not. (I hadn’t either.) As produced by Migrate Sound, a speed demo is an audition featuring your voice and some additional production elements, such as music and sound design. The price of one varies by the services you choose (e.g., coaching), but it’ll still be only a fraction of the cost of a full demo – definitely worth looking into if you’re serious about taking that first step toward voice over acting.

Migrate Sound’s studio is extensively sound-proofed to ensure high-quality recording, and is located conveniently in Santa Clarita, sparing you the hassles of L.A. traffic and parking.

Because of Migrate Sound, making a legit demo is finally a viable option for the newbie. For a relatively small chunk of cash, it’s a major upgrade from the MP3 file you produced in the makeshift sound studio where you keep your shirts and jeans. And Migrate Sound’s smooth editing will bring out your tone, cadence and delivery in a way that no-frills, free-download software simply can’t. So, stop settling for the bare minimum and go get a respectable sampling of your vocal talent.

If voice over acting is something you really want to make happen, invest at least this much into it and see where it gets you. Migrate Sound’s speed demo is enough to get you set up with casting agencies and build online profiles on sites like If you don’t have a professional-grade demo, that might explain why you haven’t crossed over into the realm of voice over yet; go find out.