Podcast Episodes

I was a guest on the following episodes of various podcasts.

“Return of the Vampire” on “The Borgo Pass Horror Podcast.” Oct. 13, 2022. I join the host of BPHP, Jim Towns, in discussing this 1943 film in real time while it plays.
“Retro Halloween Month: Bela Lugosi Special with Kat Hearons” on “The Jacked Up Review Show.” Oct. 4, 2022. I discuss the movies and accomplishments of the late Hungarian American actor Bela Lugosi (1882-1956).
“S4E61: Clint Eastwood Special” (1:02:00-1:14:20) on “The Jacked Up Review Show.” Oct. 7, 2021. I share some Eastwood trivia and additional insight as a fan.
“An Interview with Kathleen Hearons” on “The Polyglot Project Podcast.” April 23, 2011. I discuss my approach to studying foreign languages in my teens and 20s.